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The World e-government organization of cities and local governments (WeGO) is an international cooperative body of cities and local governments worldwide that pursues sustainable city development based on e-Government.

The activities that We-Gov is involved in:

• Promote the use of ICT to innovate public administration

• Promote exchanges and cooperation between cities and other countries

• Discover and disseminate good practices of e-governance

• Knowledge sharing products, tools and events

• Bridge the digital divide through capacity building, consultation and research

• Work with international bodies and collaborate on projects

“WeGO was founded in 2008 with the adoption of Seoul e-Governments Declaration by 33 cities around the world.”

WeGO is headed by WeGO General Assembly which decides on and approves key agenda for WeGO. WeGO has 96 Full/ Associate members as of March 2016 which include

– 43 in Asia

– 24 in Africa

– 17 in Europe

– 7 in America

– 4 in Middle East

– 1 in Oceania

The meeting of WeGO general assembly is held every 2 years since inception.  The WeGO Awards is a popular international e-Government competition that recognizes excellent e-Government practices in the area of Services, Efficiency, Open City, Urban Management and Digital Divide. WeGo program include:


• Feasibility Study for city e-Government development

• Technical assistance in cooperation with IT consultant

• Research


Digital Capacity Building

• E-Government programs content is delivered through lectures, interactive sessions, site visit to state of art IT facilities and cultural excursions.

• Webinars


e-Government tools

• WeGO egovframe:  Software to help WeGO egov frame member to operate e-government applications with enhance software productivity, reusability and inter-operability.

• City e-Government Diagnostic and Solution (CeDS) online platform to enable official to easily evaluate city’s e-government maturity level and conceptualize plan for future development of city without requirement for external consultants.

WeGO has Memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed with prominent world bodies for digital governance. Some of them are:

• United Nations Department of Social and Economic Affairs (UNDESA)

• Division for Public administration and development programs (DPADM)

• World Bank

• National Center for Digital Government (NCDG)

• International Institute for Administrative Services (IIAS)

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