Telecommunication as a Service (TaaS)

Telecommunication as a Service (TaaS)

Government of New Zealand has made it easier for government agencies to collaborate securely for delivering citizen centric e-services. TaaS is a programme of work to develop a new Government ICT Common Capability for telecommunications and managed security services. An ICT Common Capability is technology services developed for government that all government agencies can use.

TaaS addresses a growing need to provide a broad range of telecommunication and managed security services that better support the achievement of the Government ICT Strategy and Action Plans.

TaaS provides the foundational services required to achieve these objectives by simplifying and improving network connectivity between agencies, and providing new services to better manage security risks.

The goal of the TaaS programme is to enable more joined-up government and shift the ownership of telecommunications and security technology and the specialist skills required to support these technologies, to suppliers operating in a competitive and innovative market that is capable of meeting government needs for telecommunications and managed security services.

“It is intended that TaaS solutions will be delivered ‘as a service’ which means agencies will be able to buy the capability on demand without the need to over provision or own and maintain any internal infrastructure.”

This has many advantages for agencies of all sizes:

 – Improves the ability for agencies to share data with each other and their customers across multiple networks

 – Removes complexity and security as a barrier to change

 – Significantly lowers the cost of change for agencies and allows them to always operate with the most updated tools

 – Provides improved security tools and approaches to enable agencies to better manage their risk profiles

 – Decreases the duplication of services and connections across government

 – Enables a standardised platform, which could be supplied and managed by several providers. Agencies will have the choice of providers and service solutions to give them flexibility to meet their business and customer needs.

 – Allows greater mobility by securely connecting to IaaS from any authorised device

 – Creates a market that supports innovation and continually evolves, taking advantage of new technology to better support government’s needs.

Telecommunications as a Service (TaaS) is a programme jointly managed by Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). TaaS radically changed the way telecommunications services are delivered, managed and used by government agencies. The programme achieved this by delivering a catalogue that is supplied and managed by a panel of service providers. These services transcend agency boundaries and allow agencies to easily connect with each other and with customers.

The intention is to give agencies choice and flexibility to meet their business needs as well as the ability to take advantage of innovation in the telecommunications and managed security space. TaaS services will be provided by a panel of service providers in several categories – communications, connectivity, managed security, contact centre, and aggregation service that will be supported by professional and transition services. There will also be a panel providing extra specialist capability for the Emergency Services Network.

Agencies will be able to choose their provider from each category depending upon their own business needs. If agencies choose different suppliers either from within each category or between categories they will have the choice to manage all providers themselves or use an aggregation service to manage all the service providers on behalf of the agency.  Using an aggregation service means the agency only needs to deal with one service provider but can take advantage of using different providers for different needs.

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