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RealMe is a secure login service that lets New Zealanders access online services across agencies and businesses with a single username and password. The verified identity service allows customers to easily and securely prove their identity online.


RealMe does three things:

1. Enables customers to access a range of services with a single username and password

2. Enables customers to prove who they are online.  You can verify your identity so organisations know who you are, without being there in person with documentation. You can safely share verified information about yourself, so there’s less need to keep giving agencies the same information. 

3. Supports seamless services for customers across government.  RealMe helps make integrated digital services possible, supporting a more consistent, convenient experience for customers.


It’s a secure and privacy protected way for New Zealanders to access online services, and assert personal information about themselves online.  This means that one can do more with government online, more easily.


One can apply for a student loan with Studylink, renew  passport with Internal Affairs (DIA), or open a bank account. You can do this all on different websites with the same username and password. With your verified identity you can order official documents online, like birth certificates.

“RealMe addresses three parts of service delivery – security, identity and privacy. It is a standards-compliant authentication service that is supported around the clock 365 days a year.”

Use of RealMe is growing:

• 2.6 million unique logins 

• Approximately 44,000 new logins created monthly

• Approximately 7,000 verified identities created monthly

• 75 services across 26 agencies use RealMe login


Customers need to set up their online identity, but they need to do it only once. The verification process involves going to a NZ post office and having a photo taken. Then the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) checks the ID and photo against existing records. Once a customer has a verified identity they can share that information with participating organisations.

Using RealMe allows agencies or organisations to:


 1. Reduce duplication, data-entry errors and costs associated with manual identity checking processes.

 2. Reduce the risk of identity fraud, due to greater confidence in customers’ identity information

 3. Save money by re-using existing technology when integrating identity authentication into a digital system or service.


For an organisation to use the RealMe verified service they need to be listed within the Electronic Identity Verification Regulations

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