Post Office’s e-Payment option for organizations to collect payments

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While many efforts are being made by government and associated organizations, there is still a long distance to go to achieve good enough digital literacy. Since almost all organizations are now taking payment through electronic mode, people at large and in remote locations may be hindered from availing services for lack of digital skills or non-availability of necessary infrastructure. In such a case, post office which has a distinctive reach has launched e-Payment service to meet the need of citizens. Public can comfortably deposit all their bills in their neighborhood.

“e-Payment is a many-to-one solution which allows collection of money (telephone bills, electricity bills, examination fee, taxes, university fee, school fee etc.) on behalf of any organization. “

The collection is consolidated electronically using web based software and payment is made centrally through Cheque from a specified Post Office of billers choice.


The information and MIS regarding the payment can be had by the biller online. The MIS will contain the five fields of billers choice like name, telephone number, application number etc. The service is currently available through more than 14,000 Post Offices across the country.


Any organization can contact Chief Postmaster General of the concerned postal circle with their business proposal and filled-in Proforma for creation of biller id. Once the proposal is accepted, User id & Password and Biller Id Number will be generated through system and informed to the biller through e-mail automatically.

E-Payment service is launched in the year 2006 and presently is available at 22,331 Post offices throughout the country. e-Payment is a smart option for businesses and organizations to collect their bills or other payments on-line through Post office network. The amounts collected will be paid though a single window to the biller. Facility of data download for the biller is also available. As on 25-10-2013 there are 1,443 billers using this service. About 1,00,000 e-Payment transactions take place every day. Refer the Open Data on e-Payment network, the number of post offices have the facility is presented in below figure: 

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