Master Plan for National Informatization

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Korea had taken a leap in promoting use of ICT means since 1980s, and came to establish world-class information infrastructure. However, the spread of information does not go scattered, and remain focused at developing quality lives of Koreans, South Korean government established a new vision and strategy for National Informatization and is turning its policy direction accordingly.

“In order to become an Advanced Knowldge Information Society, Master Plan sets 5 goals, 20 agenda items and 72 tasks to be carried out”

Creative Soft Power

South Korea is evolving as knowledge information society. It also aims at being the most competitive. In this regard Korea would be constructing knowledge infrastructure and provide opportunities to utilize information of all social sectors in a comprehensive way. To do so, Korea has –

• Strengthened Intellectual Property Right protection

• Facilitate knowledge exchange throughout the country by facilitating the opening and sharing of knowledge in government, public organization and research institutions.


Cutting edge Infrastructure for Digital Convergence

Greater convergence of information is envisaged. In this respect a quality network infrastructure was planned for implementation. To do so, Korea has –

• Augmented network bandwidth multiple folds.

• Smart City plans (u-Korea) to maximize use of ICT to improve the quality of people’s lives

Trusted Information Society

With the spread social media and other web2.0 tools, it becomes harder for a country to build information trust. Particularly, in disaster prevention ICT tools shall now be playing critical role. To build trustworthy and safe cyberspace, South Korea plans to –

• Replace existing resident ID with a new I-PIN to establish transparent distribution framework for agriculture, livestock, marine and food/ drug products.

• Improve the response system to disaster and natural calamity

Efficient Knowledge Government

Governments of today are expected to be agile, responsive and take informed decision backed by data. In this regard, South Korea has –

• Unify computing resources and homepages of central government thereby saving energy consumption of National Computing and Information Agency.

• Expand administrative information sharing system and minimize the number of documents submitted to banks, governments and universities.

• Enhance inter-operability and minimize redundant construction of Information System.

People prospering through Digitization

Economic growth through digitization may happen by bringing about effective, efficiency, transparency in the system. To do so, South Korea shall –

• Merge traditional manufacturing and service industry with ICT to create more value

• Actively promote initiatives of Green ICT for low carbon and green growth.

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