Integrated Security Management System

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South Korea has world’s fastest average internet speed at 28.6 Mbps in 2017. Cyberculture is prolific in South Korea with spawning streaming platforms and internet communities. With the integration of information resources in single facility, it becomes critical for National Computing and Information Agency (NCIA).

“NCIA has established Information Protection Management System and Integrated Security Management System to manage its security requirements.

NCIA has established Information Protection Management System to create effective foundation for complying with international and Korean guidelines for information security.


NCIA conducted a qualitative and quantitative assessment of information resources to create a set of information protection guidelines and operational procedures. The NCIA based on its analysis also analyzed the threat levels and weak points of information resources and retained critical control resources to ensure security management.

Secondly, NCIA established Integrated Security Management System to ensure systematic security control.

Third, real time analysis and management of illegal entry worms and other harmful traffic ensures protective layer for the internet information system. The system also monitors external and internal network safety from hackers, harmful codes against web and database application and access to servers.

Fourth, various measures to protect information resources and ensure system viability were initiated—including the analysis of events flagged by intrusion-prevention systems and other security protocols and their corresponding relationship with system weak points, and the evaluation of information sensitivity to cyberspace threats.

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