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Often starting or expanding a business to a new municipality requires businesses to identify the key permits and licenses. Permits and Licenses are required to ensure that business entity is following the regulations set out by government in building and expanding a business. There’s a significant due diligence effort required to make sure that the beginning is right. To cut through the paperwork burden for small businesses, Ministry of Small Business and red tape reduction, Government of Canada has come up with an online tool – BizPal. The BizPal tool was launched in 2005 and benefits Canadian businesses by helping them identify licensing and permit needs for the municipality depending on the nature of business. The tool is available 24X7 and takes little time to streamline regulatory approval.


“Providing a single window of information on permit and licenses related requirement saves significant time and effort of business in due diligence activity.”

Using BizPal


BizPal can be accessed from bcbizpal.ca. To start one needs to provide, city, municipality and the type of business such as construction, education, catering etc. 

Once completed, tool will generate a customized list of permits and licenses that may apply to business. You can then go through this list and assess which are the most relevant for specific situation and add them to the briefcase. By clicking on the briefcase, the tool shall prompt next for printing or emailing the relevant forms to complete. BizPal is a free service offered by government, however a cost may be associated in acquiring permits and licenses you need. The site also offers link to corresponding websites of department, where further details can be accessed.

The tools pulls information from all levels of government – municipal, territorial, provincial and federal. The federal government is responsible for securing the provincial participation in BizPal, and the provinces are responsible for securing local government participation. 


The tool may also be used for validation whether all the required permits and licenses are available, valid and relevant for the business. This is an assistive tool only. While there is a helpdesk, and attempt is made to keep the site updated with latest information, the responsibility to ensure the completeness and relevance of permits and licenses lies with business.

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