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The Israeli Government’s ICT Authority (Information and communications technology) was established in 2012 as the Government ICT headquarters in the Ministry of Finance. Since January 2015, the Authority has been operating under the Prime Minister’s Office. The Government ICT Authority places the citizen at the center, leads and promotes innovation, operates transparently, efficiently and saves time and money for citizens and businesses.

The E-government unit employs over 250 employees in development, applications, information security, systems development, hosting, communications, digital identity, project management, customer management, content, user interface and user experience, and marketing.

“The mission of e-Government unit at ICT authority is to develop and operate secure technology infrastructures, and to provide solutions for customers and partners in government bodies, in order to make government services available to citizens, businesses and the general public, and to connect ministries to online services.”

The unit is also contributing in a major way to ensure high rank of Israel in UN’s e-Government Index . The index measure government initiatives on Online services, development of applications, digital service and information platforms, open government, required content, and accessibility.

Leading in information security technologies lies at the heart of E-government. The unit centralizes information and acts as a guiding force for the public sector in the field of information security, promoting Israeli information security technologies. The E-government unit is as a bridge between the public and businesses and cyber defense bodies, responsible for continuously maintaining the state of Israel’s cyber defense, and the ability to function for the benefit of the public.

The unit undertakes initiatives for digital capacity building in Government. One such initiative is “Digital Leaders” program. “Digital Leaders” program implemented as a partnership between the government national initiative “Digital Israel”, the Government ICT Authority, the Civil Service Commission and the JDC Institute for Leadership and Government. The program aims to advance the vision of the national initiative “Digital Israel” of promoting economic growth, enhancing social welfare and reducing social gaps through digitization. The main goal of the program is to create a leadership group of change agents that will promote innovative and digital-based projects in the social sector. The programs goals are to enhance knowledge, strengthen skills and provide tools to promote digital excellence and lead digital projects as well as foster professional contacts and cooperation among the participants.

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