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New Zealanders may expect a thorough revamp in the way they avail government services. With an aim to bring all government services under the digital umrella, New Zealand government has decided on 10 priorities for better public services programme. With an aim for an average of 70% of New Zealanders’ most common transactions to be fully digital by 2017, following a Service Member Group comprising following member agencies are working towards it –

1. Accident Compensation Corporation

2. Ministry of Business, Innvoation and Employment

3. Department of Internal Affairs

4. Inland Revenue

5. Ministry of Education

6. Ministry of Health

7. Ministry of Justice

8. Ministry of Social Development

9. New Zealand Police

“As part of delivering great customer experience when availing digital services, government has identified 10 action items for agencies, who implement the services.”

Assisted Digital: Assist customers to transact digitally, and provide alternatives to those who can’t.


Usability: Improving and simplify or clubbing the transactions to give better user experience.


More Digital Transactions: Making more and more services digital enhancing the end-to-end experience for the user. Integrated service delivery using RealMe shall be a game changer for this action.


Consolidating customer-centric government information: There are too many Government websites and organized around what government agencies want to do rather than how customer want to experience it. The action refers to consolidation and rationalisation of the government data & system design to make transactions easier to find and reuse. For this work, agencies would have to collaborate more.

Integrated Service Delivery: Integrated Service connects products and processes in a way that makes sense for customers, across agency and sector boundaries. RealMe allows customers to use single user id and password across services. Using RealMe, customers will be able to –

  • Understand what services are available and how to access them
  • Eeasily receive what one is entitled to
  • Supply information to government once
  • Give consent for government to share your information between agencies
  • See and understand what agencies are doing on your behalf

Digital Service Standards: To deliver high quality digital experience, it is important that users have the same beautiful consistent experience while providing any government service regardless of the agency providing it. Common standards help developing services in smarter way, reusing ideas and providing integrated services.


Contact Center Capability: Contact center compliments digital capability. There are possibilities to improve ready availability and smart contacting by using tolls like analytics and click-to-chat functionality. One may also explore the possibility of providing integrated contact services involving several agencies supporting customers around life events.


Cost and Quality of Service: Measure service delivery cost and quality consistently across government. This is an important continuous improvement actions which looks at operational indicators of service quality. Making measurement an important aspect, government has come up with Service Delivery and Performance Measurement (SDPM) methodology. The methodology isn’t about comparing one agency’s service with  another, but a common method to measure all services. The measurement is just not only about the performance of service, but also include overall end-to-end customer experience.


Remove Legislative Barriers: With an aim to support digital, online service options and quicker, more efficient customer services legislative changes are proposed. The legislation shall allow for convenience, no need to declare same thing to multiple agencies and allow agencies to join up to deliver amazing experiences.


Service Design and Deliver Capability: New Zealand government has come up with a capability framework to prepare future workforce. The framework includes instruments such as building and sharing skills, knowledge and tools, facilitating log jam events etc.

New Zealand government is serious about keeping up a beautiful customer experience and its efforts are sure to draw a tough fight for other countries aiming to rank high on UN e-government index.

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