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The current technological developments allow each person to learn anywhere, anytime. Today, a connection to the internet is all one needs in order to access professional and vocational courses, public sector training courses, and courses and content from the leading educational institutions in Israel and throughout the world. Campus is an open digital platform which enables all citizens of the State of Israel, whether from the center or the periphery, to connect to a personalized learning experience, through the best lecturers and teachers in their specific fields, free of cost.


Digital Israel is a national project which strives to harness and leverage the opportunities of the digital revolution and of the progress of ICT in order to reduce socio-economic gaps, promote accelerated economic growth, and create a smarter, faster and friendlier government for citizens.


Campus is a flagship project of Digital Israel in the field of digital education. It was created to reduce social gaps, increase the equality of opportunities for different segments of the population, and to provide flexible training solutions for an ever-evolving labor market.

“The goal of the project is to increase the general public’s access to professional and academic education, and to create a continued opportunity for Lifelong Learning.”

Digital learning is a trend that is gaining momentum in the world and is today considered a significant and required occupational skill in the labor market. The Campus project is responding to the changing labor market and allowing the streamlining of training programs while also cutting massive costs.


The project is a partnership between the Digital Israel Bureau within the Ministry for Social Equality and the world edX company.

Why courses only in Israel? IsraelX is the international arm of Campus. Leading academic institutions such as the Technion, Tel Aviv University, Ben-Gurion University, Haifa University, Bar-Ilan University, the Holon Institute of Technology and Shenkar College have joined together for a common vision: to provide excellent academic education to all citizens of the world, promote equal opportunities for students everywhere, and provide an advanced and quality response to the dizzying changes in the global employment market.


The unique collaboration was created out of a shared commitment and the belief that the State ‎of Israel, as a start-up nation that leads worldwide innovation and entrepreneurship, has the ‎unique ability to initiate and lead digital transformation in the online education world. Israel was rated one of the most innovative countries in the world and ‎it has the highest ranking in the world of the number of scientists per capita. These and other ‎benefits create an extraordinary potential to leverage technology to create advanced learning ‎options adapted to the changes of the digital era.

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