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To remain on top of R&D and continue the entrepreneurial spirit Israel has initiated training for its young kids (Israeli child, speaking Hebrew and Arabic, ages 8-14).  Portal gov.il/kids was established by e-government  and the Snunit Association, in order to connect the government with its young citizens – the children. Portal “On the Altitude!” Is a kind of “mini state,” through which various topics relating to the lives of children in Israel are exposed through games, interactive learning activities, digital books, presentations and more. The children are invited to wander through the portal, to enter the worlds of play and experience and to acquire information and tools for life.

“The amount of time Israeli children spend on computer games is one of the highest in world. So thoughtfully, mode of program delivery is chosen to be games.”

The portal aims at:

1. Promoting government policies towards children in variety of professional fields such as Health, Safety, Environment Protection etc.

2. Making government and agencies accesible to children

3. Developing knowledge, tools and skills that will help children

4. Promoting tolerance, equality, mutual understanding in society

 The portal continues to grow. As of now, following games are on portal for Children:

The Mark: The game is in form of a mini-state. The children get to know basic understanding of culture, police, habitat, and guides for state

Where’s the Money: An imaginative play environment that deals with the use of money – consumerism, savings, business management and money in the family.

Connected: The Guide to Survival in the Digital Age provides children with the tools to understand media messages, to watch critically on television and advertisements, to surf the web intelligently and to behave responsibly and securely in a multi-channel world.

Great: The Ministry of Environmental Protection’s children’s site offers interactive environments that encourage children to think, do and actively participate in environment protection

Boom: Environment “boom!” engages in education for proper nutrition and an active lifestyle.

Police Academy: At the police school, children are introduced through games to the role of the police, the importance of keeping the law, safe rules of conduct, and even deciphering crimes.


The Newsroom: Intended to encourage children’s participation in social and civic environment.

That’s the whole story: Stories and poems on dealing with and coping with life situations

Blue and White: Ideas on celebrating national and religious festivals

Israel’s sincerity and seriousness in bringing up the future nation is reflected in the portal.

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