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The electronic businesses in Portugal are proliferating at a tremendous rate promoting growth and economic development resulting in a spurt in digital economy and associated activities. The digital economy in itself comprises of set of technological innovations, procedures, legislative interventions and advertising push contributing to an ecosystem and influencing lives of people in day-to-day activities. Managing the knowledge in social, technological, social and political term is a big challenge to surmount in the wake of exploding information. Having a forum where civil society can assess, debate, study and openly discuss various forms of electronic businesses can enhance and strengthen the dignity of Digital Economy. 


Association of Electronic Commerce and Interactive Advertising (ACEPI) is a non-profit association and headquartered in Lisbon. ACEPI is an example organization to be modeled and learnt to help bodies concerned with digital economy activity to make sense of changes taking place.

“ACEPI today brings together the most relevant entities of the Digital Economy in Portugal, including stores, banks and other financial companies, portals, media companies, telecommunications operators, distance selling companies and many other organizations from various industries.”

ACEPI’s objectives are:

  1. Develop and promote high value added knowledge of technological, economic, sociological, political and legal realities associated with electronic businesses
  2. Cooperate with Portuguese State and the European Union to create legal, fiscal frameworks to develop confidence in digital business
  3. Promote excellence in Electronic Businesses
  4. Work towards clarification of important issues related to public policy, business strategy and consumer behavior/ rights.

To build a knowledge society such as these takes coming together of 

  1. Individual members such as scientists, technicians, students, influencers interested in pursuing ACEPI’s objectives
  2. Collective members such as legal, public or private bodies whose activities or interest relate to digital commerce.

Demonstrating itself as a knowledge body that can represent an industry, ACEPI has formulated following priorities to work upon:

    • Build knowledge and exchange bases on Electronic Commerce and Interactive Advertising.
    • Promote the dissemination and clarification activities on Electronic Commerce and Interactive Advertising.
    • Promote meetings, seminars, congresses and other activities that contribute to the dissemination, debate, clarification and training on Electronic Commerce and Interactive Advertising.
    • Develop analysis and studies that contribute to a better knowledge of Electronic Commerce, as well as Interactive Advertising, and its activity in Portugal, as well as the improvement of public policies and the rights of stakeholders.
    • Participate in Federations, Associations or other international organizations with similar objectives and contribute to Portugal’s participation in the international community interested in Electronic Commerce and Interactive Advertising.

The activities carried out by ACEPI are mentioned as under:


Market Studies:

    • Compile, publish, and promote market studies by itself or in collaboration with third parties, and make it available to members.
    • Analyze market research and issue opinions and recommendation/ action proposals
    • Integrate working groups of market research regulatory organization
    • Cooperate with national public authorities responsible for market research
    • Support companies in defining online strategies by making available market indicators.

Partners and Accreditation:

    • Membership retention and Retention program for enhancing and retaining member base.
    • Develop an online trust program for accreditation of companies. Creating support material and building outreach.


    • ACEPI is using website and social media platforms for information sharing and interaction with various bodies that make up the association.
    • Maintain electronic commerce directory of Portugal, and maintaining an outreach.
    • Create a directory with detailed information about the companies providing interactive advertising services.

Formation and Nuclei

    • Promote courses, seminars and other forms of training and dissemination aimed at professionals of knowledge about technological, social, economic, legal and political realities.
    • Organize workshops that contributes to a broad and sustained understanding of the themes of e-commerce and interactive advertising.
ACEPI is a non-profit organization with more than 170 members and 900 registered companies in its public online directory. ACEPI members are some of the most relevant Portuguese entities linked to electronic commerce and interactive advertising. 

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