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Governments across the world are increasingly making efforts to share the data that they have been collecting over the years for the immense value that may be derived from them. A brief about the platform as made available from Ministry is published here.

Some of the benefits that may be drawn from open data on OGD platform are listed below:

1. Benefits to Economy: Through easier access of information, content and knowledge innovative services may be developed. These services may lead to development of new business model thereby helping employment, generate revenue and offering complimentary services.

2. Government performance: Typically changes within departments in bringing about efficiency is slower. With sharing of more and more data across departments, it becomes easier for analyst to make comparison and assess the performance of government services, or compare the performance of departments. The outcome thereby may help department in speeding up their own processes and efficiency.

3.  Social welfare can be improved: Open data gives a tool in citizen’s and civil society’s hands to assess government’s delivery of services. It also enhances transparency and accessibility. Citizens and other institution may come together to collaborate and participate for social innovation.

“The widely available standard for disseminating and helping government make their data public is Open Government Data platform (OGD).”

The datasets as well as APIs for accessing data is made available through OGD. One benefit however of using the Open APIs is that application may securely access data without worrying much about storing data, and at the same time it ensures single source. More details on accessing data from OGD can be checked here.

An example of accessing data in XML format hosted on OGD and sample plotting is illustrated below. The illustration retrieves 10 companies registered with Registrar of Companies, Bihar and compares their paid up capital. The data is current for Master Data of Bihar up to 31st Mar 2015.


The code and sample data is hosted on our GitHub account.

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