Social. Mobile. Analytics. Cloud. Internet of Things


Emerging technologies are setting a paradigm shift in government digital transformation. It is not just the use of Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and IoT including AI/ ML/ Blockchain/ Enterprise Architecture that shapes government digital transformation, but the how these tools work together in a coordinated manner and play a part in influencing outcome in government programs.

SMACIT is finding use cases in citizen engagement, operations management and prediction technologies. The emerging technologies are poised to solve some of the most difficult problems in public sector and digital governance. With a solid enterprise architecture that integrates all functions in a coherent and seamless manner, future ready e-governance applications shall be robust, agile and scalable. 

Framework and Use-Cases for AI in e-Government

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made tremendous advancements in number of domains such as healthcare, telecom, banking etc. However, its deployment in the e-government applications is still hindered. Experts cite that...

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Why Cloud is poised for growth?

Cloud computing has brought about a step change in economics and sustainability of Information and Communication Technology enabled service provisioning. By exploiting innovations in cloud computing, public sector IT can...

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